1. What is Mein Video in detail?

Mein Video is the video platform from employees for employees of the Deutsche Bahn concern. Only employees can reach the platform within the intranet. Mein Video is a coproduction between DB Training, Learning & Consulting und DB Systel.

2. What is the purpose of Mein Video?

Worldwide, there are approximately 300.000 people working for Deutsche Bahn. There is a continual coming and going of colleagues every year - with them it's a lot of knowledge and experience coming and going. Now, Mein Video saves this wealth of knowledge and experience and allows all employees of the Deutsche Bahn concern access to it.

3. Which kind of videos can I find on Mein Video?

On Mein Video, you can find for example:

  • documentations of a meeting or an event
  • tips and tricks e.g. regarding the use of computer programs
  • presentation of an organizational unit or a team and its responsibilities and duties
  • interesting articles about the world of the concern
  • and much more

4. How can I participate?

Basically every employee can watch all video clips for free and without registration. To watch videoclips in protected channels, you have to register yourself and get the approval from the owner of the channel.

If you want to create your own videos and publish them on the platform, it is necessary that you apply for an Editor-Account Editor: Link 

5. I have technical problems using Mein Video. What can I do?

Please contact our support:

6. Who should I contact if I have questions about channels on my video?

Please contact:

7. I want to know more about Mein Video (function, content, course). What can I do?

Please appeal to:

8. How can I sign up for the seminar?

You can sign up for this seminar at DB Training. Click here.

9. When and where will the seminar take place?

The seminar Wa8100 „Mediacompetence -creating videos yourself". takes place in the training centers of DB Training. You can find dates and places of this seminar here.

All seminars and coachings we can offer as individual performance. Here you are flexible both in the choice of time and place of execution. (For an overview of the seminar and coaching)

10. What is the content of the seminar Wa8100 „ Mediacompetence -creating videos yourself"?

Professional digital media designers will lend you a helping hand for your first steps into the world of films. They also provide useful examples to give you a first insight into the following topics

... the basics of filming

• Get to know the three pillars of the movie - story, technique and language. Learn to speak the language of movies e.g. through the knowledge about field sizes, various picture compositions and changeovers.
• Create your own storyboard and develop the composition of your scenes.

... dealing with necessary technique

• You will learn to operate a camera and cutting software to get the best possible result.

... Shooting

• Together with the other participants you will get the ability to practically implement the knowledge acquired - fun factor guaranteed

... the approach with cutting software

• You will learn to select shots and combine them into sequences to create a finished motion picture with sound, music and visual effects

... the legal principles

• What is allowed to shoot and what isn't? Do I need a permission to shoot? If yes, where can I get this permission? We will answer these and other questions about the legal principles and the responsible dealing with digital media.

... using the Mein Video platform

• With the know-how of this seminar and your agreement to the terms of use you get the opportunity to share your video clips with your colleagues.

11. Who is allowed to take part in the seminar?

All employees of the DB concern are allowed to take part.

12. Who decides about my participation?

The responsible person for your cost center.